Books & Publications

  Pawan Chamling : Daring to be different
One 348 pages pages book contains the biographical account of The Chief Minister , Dr. Pawan Chamling.
Price Rs. 450/-
  Glory of A New Sikkim
The 104 pages pictorial book contains stories of achievements made by The Chamling Government in different sectors.
  Sikkim's Sons Nation's Pride
The 40 pages pictorial book depicts profiles of those persons of Sikkim who have made Sikkim proud by their unmatched and immense contribution in different fields.
  Sikkim Perspective and Vision
The 584 pages document contains the speeches delivered by The Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling , on different occasions Price Rs. 650.The book is also available in Nepali version titled " Mero Sapana Ko Sikkim"
  Sikkim-Aspirations and Accomplishments
The documental book is a compilation of list of representations made by The Chamling Government to the centre since it came to power in 1994
  Declaration at The Dawn of Independence Day 2003
The booklet contains a number of pro poor people cantred schemes launched by The Chamling Government
  Sikkim Today
A quarterely news magazine showcases the achievements and news and events that take place in the state
  Sikkim Demands
The booklet contains the representations made by the State Government to the Centre for early solutions of a number of demands of Sikkim.

This book is an effort by the Department of Information and Public Relations to document the various policy initiatives and decisions taken by the present Government under Shri Pawan Chamling to conserve, protect, regenerate and regulate the utilization of natural resources to acceptable limits.

  Sikkim Herald
Sikkim Herald the official newsweekly of the Government of Sikkim Published by the Department of Information and Public Relations has been a regular feature of the State ever since its inception in the early 1960S. Sikkim Herald comes out in thirteen different state languages, viz. English, Nepali, Newar, Lepcha, Gurung, Limbu, Tamang, Sunwar, Manger, Sherpa, Bhutia, Rai and Tibetan.
  Biodiversity of Sikkim
Exploring and conserving a global hotspot- The novel idea of having a comprehensive, academic book, celebrating the unique biodiversity of Sikkim was conceptualized by the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shri. Pawan Chamling. The book is unique in the sense that it encapsulates scientific information in a user-friendly coffee table format.
This book will also help consolidate the growing scientific literature in the state and students, scientist and tourist wanting to know more about the fascinating natural lovers. Sikkim will also find the book of immense use.
  Sikkim's Raj Bhavan
Sikkim Raj Bhawan is a treasure trove of information in the form of essays and papers contributed by eminent local writers and thinkers. It is interspersed with photographs both coloured and in black and white to create a multifaceted perspective on a unique world that is Sikkim.
This book is an uninitiated and an authorative reference source for the dedicated.
  Sikkim Bhraman
42 days village to village tour in the State of Sikkim termed as “Sikkim Bhraman” led by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling along with his cabinet colleagues, Members of Sikkim Legislative assembly and top echelons of the state bureaucracy.
  The Earthquake
The 18th of September 2011 will long be etched in the memory of the Sikkimese people. On that fateful evening at around 6pm, an earthquake with a magnitude measuring 6.8 on the Ritcher Scale shook the State, startling the people out of their stupor.
The aftermath of the quake left behind a trail of dream and devastation unprecedented in the recent history of Sikkim. This publication is a pictorial record of what transpired during those tragic days and is a depiction of the admirable courage, resilience and feats of bravery revealed by the Sikkimese people.
  Climate Change in Sikkim: Patterns, Impacts and Initiatives.
This book contains articles detailing the patterns of climate change, signals and indications, impacts on livelihoods, ecosystems and biodiversity and vulnerability and adaptation experiments with reference to our small state Sikkim.
  Sikkim State Civilian Awards 2012
This book contains series of acknowledgement of the extraordinary contribution made by various Sikkimese in their respective fileds.
  Collective Edition Vol. I – VI
The collective edition Vol. I- VI is a series of book on Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Speeches.

Books/Periodicals published by I.P.R. Department

Sl.No. Name of Books
01. Tribute to Guru Padmasambhava
02. Sikkim Today English and Nepali
03. Sikkim in Print Media
04. Sikkim a perspectives and Vision
05. Sikkim a State with a Difference
06. Sikkim’s Son’s Nation’s Pride
07. Sikkim in South East Asia and Europe
08. Sikkim Exploring The Newer Frontiers Vol. 3
09. Sikkim Ensuring Human Security Vol. 2
10. Sikkim Aspirations and Accomplishments
11. The Glory of New Sikkim
12. Our Natural Resources, Our Responsibilities
13. 25 Years of Statehood
14. 30 Years of Statehood
15. History of Democratic Movement
16. Pawan Chamling Daring to be Different
17. In the Service of the people Sikkim Govt. Employees Appointments- 1995-2008
18. Students Sponsored by Govt. of Sikkim for Higher Education
19. Council of Ministers Speaker Dy. Speaker and Group ‘A&B” officers
20. Looking Back Twelve Years of SDF Govt. (1994-2006)
21. 14 Glorious years of the SDF Govt. (1994 to 2008)
22. Shared Responsibilities-Shared Commitments
23. Sikkim Demands
24. Report of the Commission for Review of Environment & Social sector, Policies,Plans and Programme (CRESP)
25. Sikkim Fostering a Healthy future. Vol. 4 English 
26. Mero Sapnako Sikkim Vol.5
27. Indelible Impressions Sikkim 1995-2008
28. Significance of the Re-opening of Nathu La for Trade.
29. Sikkim in the North Eastern Council making a case for inclusive development.
30. Income Tax exemption for Sikkim, a cause for celebration.
31. Scheduled Tribe status for Limboos and Tamangs ,healing the hurt of deliberates denials.