Here Is A Complete Lowdown On All The Types Of Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners usually employ either one of the following methods for cleaning the carpet or a combination of two or more. The various types of cleaning are

  1. Shampooing

This method uses circular motorized brushes which use carpet shampoos to create a good amount of foam n the carpet surface. The circular shape and size of the brush helps in agitating the dust that has settled down in the bottom. The method uses a high power vacuum in order to pull off the dried shampoo residue.

Till recently this was one of the most popular methods involved in cleaning the carpets but nowadays it is falling out of favour because the foam in the carpet takes a lot of time to dry and additionally the vacuum sometimes does not clear the foam entirely leaving a lot of residue in the carpet itself. This can be particularly annoying to children and pets and bothersome to their health as well.

  1. Hot foam

This method is similar to the shampooing one in that instead of using a liquid shampoo the solution is beaten into dry foam and then applied to the surface of the carpet with the help of cylindrical brushes. This method may have slightly more efficacy and is also faster in drying.

  1. Dry cleaning

This is a method where the solution is mixed with carbonated water and sprayed over the carpet. Next, a buffer with an absorbent pad is passed over the area and the grime attaches itself to the pad and is therefore removed. The pad can be changed as often as required or whenever it becomes too dirty to be reused.

  1. Hot powder

Dry powder is sprinkled on the carpet and then heavy commercial vacuum is used to extract the powder and the attached dirt. The cleaners have to do a quick job so that the powder does not settle down at the base of the carpet.

  1. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning

This is the most preferred form of carpet cleaning nowadays. Hot water along with very little solvent is sprayed and extracted immediately using the vacuum method. This is also touted to be the most eco friendly way of cleaning the carpet and also recommended by all big furnishing houses in the world.