Business that don’t Drug Test do Better

There are various reasons to support drug testing in business organizations but at the same time, there are many industries and business organizations who do better without doing a drug test in the workplace.  Below mentioned are few reasons the business organizations should not conduct a drug test.

Morale problems can be avoided- The drug testing program will even upset those workers who strongly oppose illegal usage of the drug.  The issue has to be handled fairly and should be given a detailed explanation or else the testing of a drug can cause resentment among the employees.

Overreaction can be avoided- The employees get agitated and will team up against the organization. You could also conduct preventive drug abuse programs in the workplace rather than going for testing.

Union organizing and union grievances can be avoided- The union organization usually opposes the testing of drugs in the business organization. They will use it as a tool to fight the organization and create an unnecessary tiff between the organization and the union.

Legal claims can be avoided- The business organization might face litigation charges if anything goes wrong while the drug test program is conducted.  To avoid these complications, many will opt to not to go ahead with the program.

Additional or unnecessary expenses can be avoided –The workers will consume detox pills and resort to other means to cheat the test and the result will come clean.  Some of the companies will go for hair folicle test.  I can share how I beat a hair folicle test.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to wash your hair with a detoxifying shampoo and stick to a detox diet before the test.  There are detox supplements available in the market which can be included in your diet. If the employees resort to these methods, the business will only incur the expense and will not get any benefit conducting the test.