Why I Started Selling Custom made Parkour Shoes

I am a perfectionist:

I was always fascinated with stunts and I could pretty much carry out a stunt without showing any lack of training. But there was still this urge to be the best that I could be in the field. I wanted to be able to train under the best masters of parkour and I was actively reading up a lot on the internet and outside about the master trainers of the art and also the various gears that I would need to be the best that I could.

But we were on hard times:

Those days there was a recessionary environment and my parents had lost their job due to attrition in their companies. We were lucky to own our house otherwise there were people who were in a worse condition than us. They were sleeping hungry and leaving homeless. I knew that training under a master for parkour would cost a lot of money. In that kind of circumstances I did not have even money to buy good training shoes for parkour!

There was a voice inside me asking me to keep my passion alive. For a boy all of sixteen, the circumstances so trying can help break away any kind of ambition that he houses. But parkour was my passion more than an ambition and so even through trying times, I am extremely proud that it survived.

The idea of making my own shoes:

There was an uncle who had been a cobbler once upon a time and I knew that even though he was now no more working, his workshop had a lot of stuff. I requested him to teach me how to make shoes and he obliged simply because he was hopeful of me using all the stuff that only sat there.

I made my first pair of shoes using a lot of literature from the net. And the result was fantastic. In the quest of keeping my passion alive, I had turned out to be a fine entrepreneur! I displayed the shoes out in the open space of the workshop and sold them with the least margins. Soon, I had enough money to make more of them and this is how I grew this enterprise which stands at Number One in parkour shoes.

I love my parkour shoes because each one of the pair right from the first one is bespoke and the process even today is personally supervised by me. And each pair cost only a fraction of the factory produced ones.