TheDilemma andThe Brainwave!

A dilemma every other year:

Come October and every year I am stuck with a dilemma as to what to buy hubby dearest for his birthday. The month is spent searching physical stores and online portals for ideas. A lot of ideating with friends who are event managers and counselors throws up a vague idea of the best gift that I should try and procure before the D-day. Not to forget the surprise party that is any woman’s best weapon to get back into her husband’s best books. Winks*

So, I have given him pretty much everything so far:

Let’s see, I have gifted him a laptop bag and a side travel bag and a cabin luggage and numerous belts, watches and rings. This year was going to be particularly tough because there was nothing much in particular that I thought he needed. However, this was an annual ritual and not gifting him anything at all was not just right for me.

So, I set about at the mall one day:

I was strolling along the mall’s aisle when suddenly I saw lv showroom and my eye caught the perfect shape of a clutch that I had been looking out for. I leaped into the store and surprisingly found that the clutch just so perfectly fitted my budget as well as would compliment my evening gown wonderfully well. It was the same gown that I intended to wear for my husband’s birthday party that very month.

Anything else you would like to see Madam?

The sales guy casually asked me if I wanted anything else when I handed him my card and half wittingly I stammered, “nope, this as of now!” and then my eyes fell on this men wallet section. I thought I would browse the section till the cashier readied my check and can you believe what happened?

There lied the most elegant men’s wallet and without wasting too much time I picked it up. Whoa! You must have seen his face light up when he saw his gift. It was priceless! If you are in a similar dilemma you know that Louis Vuitton wallets for your husband are the best bet!